Trust your knowing

5 June 2018

About two months ago we signed the contract for what is now our new home and house at the magic island of Gotland.

"So what's so particular about that?" you may think.

Well, I guess not so much except for the one fact that we bought the house without seeing it realtime ourselves.

For Anders this is not a big deal, he has done it before. His first apartment he bought while being on a surf trip in Bali, that time trusting a friend and his inner knowing that it would turn out well. And it did! That apartment was the foundation to have the means to do this deal.

For me, it was quite a BIG deal. Because what is the one thing this reality teaches you when it comes to buying property? VISIT THE HOUSE, several times if possible, to see what condition it is in. And also, do not go for the first house you like, go and look at MANY different options and make sure it feels right! What this reality does not tell you, is to trust your knowing. It does not tell you, if you know it is a great buy, go for it. It is actually possible to sense a house even if you are not physically present. At least that's what me and Anders did - and we have a really good friend that we have 100% trust in who went to see the house!

In our relationship, we have many long conversations about trust and about trusting what we know. I sometimes experience challenges in the field of trusting others, when it came to buying this house though, after a while I chose to trust Anders and his knowing, and thereby also my own knowing. I made a conscious choice that "I am going to go for this and I am going to trust Anders, no matter what anyone says and what my intellect tells me, because my knowing tells me that this is going to turn out well.". And how did it turn out? Freaking AWESOME!!!

I wanted to share with you a video I made with Anders, the day after we moved into our house about a month ago, where we speak about choosing based on your knowing. And for you my friend, what choice can you make today that is based on YOUR knowing, not on what this reality tells us?

With joy!