Time to be great!

6 September 2018

"Today I am choosing to be magic. Enough of me pretending that I am mediocre. It is time to step into being the greatness of me. I am joy - so why aren't I choosing to be it every day?"

These are some of the words that I woke up with ringing in my head this morning. Why aren't I choosing to be great every day? Why am I, not every day but once in a while, choosing to be mediocre instead?

Reality is that i know that sometimes I am choosing mediocracy and unhappiness to not piss other people off. You know the number of times I have heard these words ”Why do you always have to be so happy?”. As if there was something wrong with being happy. Isn't it funny? That the norm seems to be to choose unhappiness, stress, believing it’s hard and that there is nothing you can do about it? (I just love the way Steven Bowman describes the three lies of scarcity; 1) there is not enough, 2) it is hard and 3) there is nothing you can do about it). Indeed I think it is hilarious.

Back to being great. Do you know what very often keeps me from not stepping into greatness? My unwillingness to let other people judge me for ”being greater than them”, i.e. I am letting other peoples’ eventual judgements stop me. And I do not even know that other people are actually going to judge me! And would I ever want to be great at the cost of others? NO!! The only thing I would like to be is an invitation to others to also choose to be great. And happy. Greatness leeds to more greatness, happiness leads to more happiness. So maybe it is time for me to start being great more often and not minding what other people may think? What will I be able to create with that mindset?

Some of the things that make me truly happy and that expands my life is moving my body, spending time in nature and also, spending some time on my own, in silence. Running is one thing that makes me happy, serene and at the same time, full of energy. Sometimes people see me running and go ”Oh, you are so AMBITIOUS” and I perceive the energy of what they are actually saying, which is ”Oh, there you are out running and I am sitting here sipping my coffee and having a cinnamon bun, I am soooooo BAD.”. They are not telling me that they are happy for me that I go running, but rather, that they are unhappy with themselves not choosing to do that, i.e. what I perceive is their self-judgement. (Why do I know this? Well, been there, done that.) Today, most often, I am able to see that this is what is going on and that it has nothing to do with me. Since I figured this out I am not picking up as much heavy energy as I used to do. And when I do not pick up others’ heavy energy there is more space for my own happy, light energy that comes from running and then I can be an invitation to others to do what makes them happy instead! When I reflect on this I realize that this is one way to choose greatness instead of smallness and mediocracy. Being great is about being the change you want to see in the world. It is about walking the talk.

So you know what, I am going to start right now by choosing to go out for a run instead of writing the next e-mail. Time to be great and time to choose something different!

With a lot of joy,


PS Picture shows Walter Magic, who may be little of size and yet so great as a being, still not minding any point of view or judgment any other person could happen to have of him. What if we would be willing to let our kids teach us what they know and what we may have forgotten? Who knows what would show up in our world if we chose that..? DS