12 February 2020

This morning I read an Instagram post by a dear friend of mine, Pamela von Sabljar. It was about pleasure and creating your life with pleasure. It made me reflect; what does pleasure mean to me? How is pleasure present in my life?

A couple of hours later I found myself up the mountain together with my two clients of the day. All of a sudden I heard myself saying: “Skiing is all about pleasure. Why do we aim at using functional and efficient movements when we ski? Because it will be more of a pleasure skiing once we start using more functional and efficient movements. We will have more fun and we will enjoy skiing even more!”

And then it dawned on me; I create my life with pleasure, it is just that I call it something else. I call it ease and joy. One of the things that brings me pleasure, ease, joy is living in places that are nurturing to my whole being. When I looked at the snow covered mountains this morning I was filled with the beauty they be. I was filled with the space. I was filled with the nurturing energy that exists where there is no judgment. I also realized what a great pleasure it is for me to be present with my body; to every day become more conscious about how I move different parts of it and what those movements create. I thought about how I now can enjoy skiing a whole morning with 100% focus on my toes only and how I move them in my boots while I ski. Playing with using them differently to see what that creates. This has a lot to do with being present in the moment. With being right there, right now, nowhere else What if I could have more of that presence that I often have while skiing also in other areas of my life? What if I more often could be as present with my son? With Anders? With any single task I am performing. What if I could consider every single thing I engage in an art form? Maybe that would be a fun intention for tomorrow? To be present with every single thing I engage in. Well, I will give it my best shot. Yes, I will definitely give it my best shot.

I reflected on something else too. How I tend to describe my relationship with Anders as one long training camp in presence and consciousness. When I say that I often do it from the point of view that it is a pain in the ass. Hello? How can presence and consciousness ever be a pain in the ass? It is a freaking gift! I am aware of that the days when I consider it a pain in the ass are probably those same days when Anders and I are not in a state of allowance and creation with each other. It is probably those days when we are having a bit of a hard time being present and in allowance with each other. Because that happens you know. We go into judgment and we have points of view about each other and what either of us choose to do or be. We do not live on an airyfairy pink cloud you know. However, our relationship turns more and more into a creationship with every day that passes. Is it easy? No, not necessarily. Is it worth it? Yes, definitely. Life tends to be filled with more ease and joy and pleasure once we get through what limits us as individuals and as a couple. I sometimes think about this expression, ”Consciousness will not give you something you can’t handle”. What if everything that gets created in our lives does so for a reason? And what if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be? And what if nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be? What if those things that I sometimes choose to view as hardships are actually possibilities? Possibilities to create myself a bigger life filled with even more ease and joy and pleasure?

And lastly, one more thing. I am creating my family together with this man who has chosen to create most of his life based on pure pleasure. Who has had one desk job for four months in his 58 year long life. Who gave that up in order to spend time playing with his body out in nature. Choosing what his inner voice encouraged him to choose instead of what society told him he should choose. I admire that and am extremely grateful for getting to play and grow together with this person.

I now looked up from the computer to find big, big snowflakes falling down from the cloudy sky outside the window. WOW, how did I get so lucky?

With joy,