Job creation

29 April 2018

This morning, during a photo shoot with some of my co-creators, I reflected a bit about this expression job creation, often used by politicians and the like (especially in times of election).

”We need to create x number of jobs in the healthcare sector...”

”The rate of job creation is increasing / decreasing…”

Ok so the government can create jobs. And so can SMEs and large corporations. The common understanding seems to be that someone creates jobs for someone else. What would happen if we would turn it around? What if YOU are the creator of your job? What would that shift in point of view alter? I would say EVERYTHING.

Five years ago I was already self-employed, however I did absolutely not have the point of view that I was the one creating my job. When I first met Anders (my partner in life since five years) I was quite provoked; could it really be possible to only choose to do stuff you actually enjoy?? Like all the time? Can you actually make a great living by skiing, playing golf and coaching people to step into the learning zone and become greater?

Today I know it is possible. It took me a while realizing that I AM THE ASSET. I am the source of creation in my life. So, if I am the asset, how can I refine and develop myself in the most expansive way possible? How can I nurture myself and thereby ensure that I grow and become more valuable to myself and also, to others? Because when I start viewing myself as the generative asset of my life and realize that I am the most valuable thing in my life, then I can start generating even more value - for myself, my family and everyone else on this planet. And also, people will be willing to pay for that! How does it get even better??

So, what if it actually is time we realize that we are the generative assets of our life? That we are the ones creating what we choose to call our job as well as what we choose to call our life?

Just saying :)

With Joy,