Finding Your True Essence!

First I just want to say a big Hello to everyone. It has been a while since I wrote. I think almost everyone can recognize when life is full of work, family and the world is kind of crazy at the same time. Well that’s where I’ve been the last couple of years.

That said, I have had so many new encounters with so many interesting and amazing people at the same time. So for me there’s a sense of something going on at the same time as the narrative of this reality keeps on spinning faster and faster in a not so sustainable way.

So my inspiration to write again has been there for a while and it's constantly a feeling that now is the time to speak my truth, that is deeply connected to what I think to a much bigger and profound truth that our whole essence of being is based upon.

The other day I was helping out at my son's ski cross training and on one occasion riding the lift together another father that also helped out asked me the question I’ve been asked so many times. He just found out that my profession is to coach skiing and that I have done that for about 40 seasons.

- Do you ever get tired of skiing?

My response was quick as I have explained this to many other people before. I have never so far gotten tired of skiing! But I do have days when my body is trying to keep me in bed because I’m physically so tired. Therefore I have to keep myself in good shape, eat well, sleep well and have periods and moments when I do absolutely nothing.

I have dedicated my life to follow what brings me joy and happiness. I was never interested in a career or to get money so I could have a big house or anything else that either impresses others or is a proof of some kind of success. Therefore I got into skiing where I found a sense of freedom and so much joy being in the mountains with likeminded people. In my heart and soul I know that my life would follow a path that was filled with adventures and where my body would be a tool to connect with nature and myself.

Today I had a day between coaching other skiers on the mountain, and on the topic above I was looking forward to exploring some places I didn’t go to yet during this season. Again I woke up with joy in my heart to put on my gear and start planning what my mission would be. It was a beautiful morning with clear blue skies and minus 22 degrees celsius. A little chilly, but due to the forecast it would be inversion and less cold higher up. So in my world, pretty much perfect conditions, especially since we had snow recently.

I got up the mountain and finished up with a little skinning to the peak. At the peak I started to prepare for my descent and during the time I was getting ready an elderly gentleman looked at me and asked me where I was heading. I saw that he was an experienced skier and told him where I was heading. He then politely asked if he and his two friends could join. I said it was no problem and I would gladly show them my intended run. These are the moments when I love this passion so much. From total strangers, to a team that together will join for a run that was challenging for at least his friends. We did the run and the elderly man followed pretty much exactly where I dropped in and was so grateful for taking him to this very cool and beautiful face! It's so amazing how one run with total strangers can create friends for life. But that’s how this sport is. Sharing moments like that creates a bond in minutes. Love it!

From there we parted and I took off to the next peak. On my way up on my skins I was filled with gratitude for life and that I have chosen to follow my inner voice and kept going when the world around me has pointed another way.

When I spend time in the mountains, I have lots of time for reflection and to just be. During my walk up I got back to the question the other father Olof asked me. It became so clear to me that skiing and being in nature, especially on a mountain, resets me. The whole environment and the energy the earth gives me is like giving me energy and recharges me. It’s also a feeling of cleansing. If I could answer Olof again, I would say that skiing is like eating or sleeping for me. It’s totally necessary for me. It keeps me sane in an insane world! It clears my head and gives me so much new energy.

In the mountains I connect strongly with nature and this connection gives me a connection to myself! I get connected with the true essence of why I’m here and it gives me guidance to continue on my path!

I know this is my way and my path. What I hope is that if you read this and feel a connection to my words, it will help you find your path to happiness and joy. Or if you already know, but are ”stuck” in this society, I hope you will get inspired to do more of what gives you a Hell Yes! A hell yes is when you feel in every molecule that you want to do it!

Yep, that’s one of my strongest leading stars. Hell yes or it’s a No! It isn’t always easy, but the reward is that you can live with such integrity to yourself and will live a life much more full and authentic, plus most important it is not dictated by others.

This season has been amazing with great snow from the beginning of November until now. I had so many days with bluebird, cold snow and super skiing.

Now it’s time for the spring season and beautiful touring and hopefully some nice descents with some slush spring snow. And we still have a few snowfalls coming up.

So as you can tell I'm still a very passionate skier!

All my best to all of you and my wish is for you to start acting upon your inner desires and dreams.

We have one journey in this particular body, so let’s use it to the fullest!

Peace and Love

Anders “Fritte Freeride“