Always in motion

27 januari 2019

Another couple of months have passed since we last wrote. Sometimes texts just come to us and sometimes it takes a bit longer before what shall be written can be verbalized. Our goal never was to write blog posts on a regular basis, but to share experiences and insights that we believe are worth sharing and that hopefully can contribute to others. We also experience challenges and bumps in the road and sometimes it takes time to reflect on them and learn before we can share.

So to recap. October was spent in Portugal where we surfed and worked out as usually. Back in Sweden I spent November traveling between the island of Gotland where we live seven months of the year and mainland Sweden where I was working. It was quite intense and in the middle of that period I was hit by another car, my car was totally destroyed, my son and I were ok, but it created a big mess that I am currently sorting out the last details of. More than once during the last couple of months I have asked myself what was right about me and my son being in that car crash… Well, at least I learned a lot about insurances and how the whole system around that functions.

In December we moved back to Switzerland for the season. This year we came here a bit earlier than usually since our son Walter was starting school for the first time (in Switzerland kids start school at four) and we wanted to give him a smoother start since he was going to jump in mid-term. He settled in extremely well and seemed to remember enough French to enjoy himself from the first day. On his third day of school he actually went to his first birthday party and was more than happy to enjoy all the sweets... He is such a cool being; he just tags along sharing his amazing energy with us and everyone he meets. Some people say ”Oh, how is he ever gonna have any friends when he moves around all the time?”. And ”What about school in Sweden? That will be the end of you guys living like this!”. I sometimes let myself get caught up in those arguments and it lasts until I remember that I am the creator source of everything in my life and the thing that Anders is living proof of; if there is a will, there is a way. And so far we have always found a way to create our life the way we desire to live it.

One of the ways of describing our family is this: always in motion. We love moving our bodies and we love moving between places that are nurturing to us. Physical movement is probably one of the main reasons to our wellbeing. I love the way Anders Hansen describes the connection between physical movement (in particular cardio training) and the development of the brain in his book ”Hjärnstark”. There are numerous research studies proving the same thing; that physical activity improves the reproduction of brain cells with things such as improved overall wellbeing (physical and psychological), increased creativity, improved ability to learn and improved memory as a result. As a matter of fact, I have never before in my life come up with more creative ideas than since I started living an active life 24/7 when I met Anders six years ago. Because it is not that I go to the gym more often or that I go out running a certain number of times every week. Rather it is about me being in motion all the time, doing everything from the daily walk to school with Walter to hiking up the mountain to another amazing off piste run.

Being in motion also means moving between different places, getting to know people from different countries, different cultures, different languages. Being in motion means being in a space of creation. A space where energy just flows, where everything is possible. A space of possibilities. Does this mean that I am in some kind of constant "zen" mode? No it does not, however I am in this space more often. I do not let myself get contracted by my own or other's points of views and judgements as often as I did before. I am learning to let things go more easily. I am learning to come back to energy flow quicker after each interruption. I am learning to get back into motion. Because being in motion is my natural state and key to my wellbeing.

It is just like walking on the slack line; in order to stay on it you are better off if you are in motion all the time. Conscious movements, not too big, not too small. Even if you stand still you still move, you still make those tiny and conscious movements. And you need to be right there, right then. You need to be present with what you are doing. Present in the moment. This connects to what Anders said when I told him that always being in motion was one of my most valuable habits during 2018. He asked me when I am going to create more space for stillness and reflection? To calm down my mind. Well, that is definitely something I will add to my life in 2019; more space for stillness and reflection. Space for just being, without moving on to the next thing. Just being present with what is. I wonder what that can create in my and my family's life?

With lots of joy,